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Shopify Store Critique - Shopify Store Audit & Guide to Improve

Shopify Store Critique - Shopify Store Audit & Guide to Improve

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Shopify Store Critique - Shopify Store Audit & Guide to Improve

Please read the full description below before placing your order.

Are you fairly new to Shopify and need some feedback or help with your store? That's exactly what this service provides. We carry out an analysis of your Shopify store and we give you pointers and strategies on how to improve it. We assess multiple factors, among which: your SEO performance, your store speed, how professional-looking and responsive your Shopify store it, its functionalities, etc.

Based on our store audit, we highlight the positive things you're doing, and we elaborate on the negatives. We send you a PDF guide with the changes we propose you make, we offer examples of strategies and best practices from similar stores in your niche.

How does this service work?

- you place the order for the Shopify store critique

- you send us the link to your store via email

- we take a few of days to do our research & find the best solutions for your store's improvement

- we'll send you a PDF guide with the positive things you have going on, and with the points that need improving. We propose strategies you can implement to improve your store performance. We provide examples of best practices. This document is tailored to your store and needs.

- you make the recommended changes to your store

Gradually, your store will start gaining relevant traffic and become competitive in your niche. The aim is to have a trustworthy, professional store that can turn into a very profitable business & to avoid the mistakes you can make as a beginner.

Where/when do I receive my order? - PLEASE READ

Soon after your order is processed, we'll send you an email asking for the link to the store you want us to analyze. We take a period of 4-5 days to conduct our store audit. Once the assessment is ready, we send you a PDF guide with the changes you need to implement. We highlight the positive things you have done (and need to keep pursuing), and the negative things, and how to turn them around.

We'll contact you on the email address you provided when placing the order, so make sure it's a valid email address that you have access to. You will be contacted by in a few hours after placing the order & receiving your automatic order confirmation. Please check your spam folder as well.

How long does it take to receive my store audit?

We take a processing period of 4-5 days after we received the link to your store.

What things will you be assessing?

We'll assess all the key aspects of your Shopify store. We'll start with the overall aesthetic of the store (branding, website design, how responsive it is, etc.), we'll look at your SEO performance (titles, descriptions, etc.), your website's speed, etc.

For each category, we'll give you solutions on how to improve and examples of best practices from well-performing competitors in niches that are similar to yours.

Can I get a refund on this service?

Given the nature of this service, we do not offer a refund option. We invest time and work into each Shopify store audit, and each guide is created specifically for you and tailored to your website. This is a custom service, thus we cannot accept returns or refunds.

Do you need my Shopify account information?

No. For this service, we do not require a Shopify account to access your store.

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