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10 Etsy Products SEO Titles & Tags Optimization Service

10 Etsy Products SEO Titles & Tags Optimization Service

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10 Etsy Products SEO Service Description - All you need to know

Please read the full description below before placing your order.

Looking to get more organic traffic and sales on Etsy? Check out our Etsy SEO titles and tags optimization service. By using the right keywords and SEO strategy, we help you rank in relevant searches & reach customers that are actually interested in your products. Start working towards a successful Etsy business now.

How does this service work?

- you place the order for the optimization

- you send us the links to the 10 Etsy products you would like us to optimize via email

- we take a few of days to do our research for your niche & find the best keywords for your products

- we create the perfect SEO-optimized titles & 13 relevant converting tags for each of your 10 products

- we send you a PDF document including the optimized product titles & tags to the email address used to place the order

- you make the changes to your products on Etsy (replace your current titles and tags with the ones we provided)

- the products will start getting indexed for the specific keywords in the Etsy algorithm & start gaining traffic & potential sales (allow 10-30 days for the full effects of the optimization to set in)

Your store will start gaining traffic and your products will rank higher in searches in your niche, reaching potential customers and interested buyers.

Where/when do I receive my order? - PLEASE READ

Soon after your order is processed, we'll send you an email asking for the link to the products you want us to optimize. We take a period of 4-5 days to conduct our research. Once the optimization is ready, we send you a PDF document with the optimized product titles and 13 tags that you need to replace for each of your 10 Etsy products.

We'll contact you on the email address you provided when placing the order, so make sure it's a valid email address that you have access to. You will be contacted by in a few hours after placing the order & receiving your automatic order confirmation. Please check your spam folder as well.

How long does it take for the optimization to work? Can you guarantee sales?

From the moment you make the changes to your Etsy product (replace your current titles and tags with the ones we provided), it can take between 1 week and 30 days to see noticeable results.

We have optimized thousands of Etsy stores, and our optimizations are always successful. But you need to remember that it takes patience, and that no sales guarantees can be offered. The SEO optimization will bring the relevant customers to you, but there are other factors that can influence the action of buying: the quality of your product, your reviews, your store presentation (how professional it looks), etc.

Can I get a refund on this service?

Given the nature of this service, we do not offer a refund option. For each optimization, we use the best research tools to find the best keywords for your Etsy & Google ranking. We invest time and work into each optimization. This is a custom service, thus we cannot accept returns or refunds.

Do you need my Etsy account information?

No. We will never ask for your Etsy account log in details, and we won't work on your Etsy store directly. 

How does SEO work?

Simply put, by using the right keywords (short & long-tail) in your products' titles, tags, and descriptions, you can attract your target audience on Etsy. Your target audience are the buyers that will actually be interested in your products, and that will eventually purchase your products. By having a strong SEO strategy, you can attract healthy traffic to your Etsy store that will in time convert it into a very profitable business.

What can I do in order to further increase my sales on Etsy?

In addition to SEO-optimizing your products on Etsy, you need to work on having a professional-looking store. You need to fulfill your orders on time, and have a good overall performance as a seller on Etsy. 

For this, we advise you to check out our Etsy blog & YouTube channel, where we have hundreds of free resources for you. If you're interested in more optimization services or an Etsy shop consultation, check out our other services as well.

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