How to create a good SEO-optimized Shopify product title

How to create a good SEO-optimized Shopify product title

How to create seo-optimized shopify product titles

Looking for ways to drive free, organic traffic to your Shopify store? Let us show you how to create a good, SEO-optimized Shopify product title that will get you targeted website visitors. In this article, we look at positive and negative examples of product titles, and we show you how to create a product title that sells!

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic is free traffic you get when people access your website from search engines (like Google, Bing, etc.), social media platforms, or from links on other websites.

In this article, we will focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and on how to make your Shopify product pages get better rankings in Google search.

By using the right SEO techniques and relevant keywords, your Shopify store and product pages will get featured higher for those specific keywords in Google search, as well as in other search engines.

In this way, when a potential customer searches for a product like yours, they will be more likely to click on your product page and to find your website.

Let’s take a basic example, to show you how SEO works.

Let’s say you’re selling “handmade gold-plated earrings”.

By using these specific keywords – “handmade gold-plated earrings” in your Shopify product title, description, and meta description, you are doing a basic SEO-optimization to your product page. As soon as Google notices these keywords and how well your page is optimized, your product will rank higher and higher in searches for this specific key-phrase: “handmade gold-plated earrings”.

You need to remember that there is a lot competition out there. So the better the SEO optimization, the more chances you have to be in the top pages that show up in Google search. Also, Google ranking takes time. So don’t expect to show up in the first results over night.

If you’re new to SEO-optimization, let us help you take the first step…

How to create a good SEO-optimized Shopify product title

Organic traffic is all about search engine optimization. Most of your organic traffic is made up of people who will find your website on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. And the rest of your organic traffic you will probably get from social media and other backlinks that lead to your website.

Search engine optimization is crucial for your Shopify store to do well in searches. And for you to increase your free, organic traffic.

Since Shopify is an e-commerce platform, one of the first and most important steps is optimizing your product titles.

Creating a well-optimized Shopify product title – tutorial & examples

In order to show you how to do a basic SEO-optimization, we will use a product example. Let’s say you are producing and selling 100% natural essential oils.

Essential oil
Imagine that this is one of the products you’re selling in your Shopify store. Photo by Nicholas Safran on Unsplash

Let’s optimize the title of this tiny bottle of Young Living Lavender essential oil.

In order for your product to get found in Google search, ideally, you will need to include in the title the following information: [what the product is] [the brand – if it’s a renowned one] [the most important attributes of the product] [*other important information that would make a good keyword].

For our Lavender oil, here’s an example of a good SEO-optimized title:

Lavender Essential Oil by Young Living 100% Pure 15ml Bottle

As a general rule, remember to mention exactly what the product is at the beginning of the title. This will do wonders for your organic traffic. And afterwards, include relevant information that people will search for.

Now let us show you an example of a poorly SEO-optimized title, that will not generate organic traffic. Let’s use this dress for our example:

Imagine this dress is one of the products in your Shopify store. Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

Poorly optimized product title:

Lilac Delight Dress by Hannah Designs Spring-Autumn Collection

Mistakes to avoid when writing your title

What are the mistakes in the example above?

First of all, many people give a name to their products, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But remember this: people will never use the name you made up for your product to search for it on Google! No one looking for a long pink dress will run a Google search for “lilac delight”!

So stop using these names at the beginning of your product titles. The first words of your product title are the most important in terms of SEO. Use them wisely!

Secondly, many stores use their brand name in the product titles, when their brands are not well-known and won’t get recognized by potential customers. If you’re selling a Versace dress, by all means, use the brand name in the title! But if you’re selling a dress by a small boutique like “Hannah Designs”, either leave the name out (the customer will see it anyway once they access your website), either mention the brand name at the end of your product title. In this way, it will not impact your optimization as much.

The same is true for the “spring-summer collection”. Very few people will run a search for dresses using these keywords. Instead, you can use something like “bridal dress collection”, a key-phrase that people will more likely use in Google search. Especially those who are looking to find a dress exactly like the one in the photo.

Now let’s see what a well-optimized title can look like…

Well-optimized product title:

Pink Bridal Dress – Occasion Off-Shoulder Wedding Dress

Let’s analyze this title for a second…

We have used the first words to describe exactly what the product is: a “pink bridal dress”. Then, we have used relevant keywords that people would actually use to find a dress like this particular one in Google search, such as “occasion dress”, “off-shoulder dress” and “wedding dress”.

To create a good SEO-optimized title, think about the words you would use to search for your own products on Google. Also, ask your friends to see what keywords they would use. Make a list of the most relevant attributes your products have, and use them in product titles and descriptions!

Ready? It’s time to start working on your first SEO-optimized Shopify product title…

We hope this small tutorial was useful for you, and that you will apply some of these tips to your Shopify product titles. By investing some time in SEO-optimization, you can see a great increase in your organic traffic.

Moreover, the people that will discover your website in Google search will be part of a targeted audience, who is genuinely interested in your type of product. And these people can become actual customers. SEO-optimization takes some time, so be patient. But at any rate, do not ignore it. It will only bring benefits to your website!

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Do you have a Shopify store? Get some free organic traffic, share it in the comments!

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