How to pick a good Etsy shop name

How to pick a good Etsy shop name

Wondering how to pick a good Etsy shop name? Follow our 3 tips to choosing the best Etsy store name, one that will help guarantee your early success on the platform!

How to pick a good Etsy shop name – 3 things to consider

1. Choose a name that’s easy to remember

When it comes to choosing the perfect name for your Etsy store, the first advice Etsy experts are giving us is to make it memorable. Remember this tip also when it comes to your website and social media accounts.

But how do we choose a name that’s easy to remember? It’s simple. Make a list with your top name picks for your Etsy shop. Put the list away for a few hours, and see which of the names you can still remember.

Remember that your Etsy shop name cannot be longer than 20 characters and cannot contain spaces or punctuation.

2. Make it SEO-optimized

SEO optimization can seem complicated for those who are new to Etsy or e-commerce. But let us make it simple for your Etsy shop name.

Simply put, in order to have an SEO-optimized shop name, it should include one or more keywords that describe your business or products.

For example, if you are selling handmade soy candles, an optimized Etsy shop name would be EmilysCandles or SoyCandlesbySarah. Words such as “candles”, “soy”, or even the key phrase “soy candles” included in the name will help your store or products show up more frequently in search results on Etsy with these specific words.

Keep in mind that when people use Etsy search, they also have the option to search for Etsy shops by name. This is where your Etsy shop might get suggested to them if you use an optimized Etsy store name. For someone typing in the search bar “soy candles”, the Etsy shop called SoyCandlesbySarah might appear as a suggestion.

And wouldn’t it be great if your store would get suggested as well? What are you selling? What is your point of difference? Can you include this information in the name of your Etsy shop? Think about it, and if possible, do it!

3. Creative & iconic

Finally, make sure your shop name is creative, and iconic when it comes to your business. A successful Etsy shop is one that comes with a story, brand, and identity.

When choosing a good Etsy shop name, you need to think about your business goals long-term. What makes your shop different and more exciting than others?

Choose a shop name that best sums up what your brand is all about.

How to get inspiration for Etsy shop names?

Still out of inspiration when it comes to choosing your Etsy shop name? Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Write 20 words that describe your Etsy shop or products – which can you use? (romantic, vintage, bio, unique, etc.)
  2. Research your competitors on Etsy – get inspiration from them, but keep it different/original
  3. Discuss your shop idea with friends – see what they come up with
  4. Use social media for inspiration – look for accounts from your niche on Instagram.

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5 things to help you make your final decision

If you have some ideas by now, here are the 5 things you might want to consider before making your final decision:

  1. Check if the same name is available on Instagram, and if the domain name is free. In the future, you might want to launch a website with the same name.
  2. Is it easy to remember?
  3. Is it written correctly?
  4. Does it contain the keywords that best describe my Etsy shop?
  5. Do you absolutely love it?

Have you launched your Etsy shop yet? What name have you chosen?

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