How to get Great Etsy Reviews as a Seller: Our Top 3 Tips & Strategies

How to get Great Etsy Reviews as a Seller: Our Top 3 Tips & Strategies

3 Simple ways to get great reviews on Etsy

Wondering how to get great Etsy reviews as a seller? It may be a challenge at the beginning of your journey on the platform. But don’t give up just yet. Try out our Top 3 tips & strategies to get more feedback from your customers!

To get great reviews, focus on Customer Experience

In order to get great reviews on Etsy, you need to make sure your customer has a positive buying experience. The happier the customer, the easier it will be get reviews.

Here are 3 strategies to help you ensure your customer’s experience is as great as it can be:

1. Be transparent about your products and shipping

The first and most important step in making sure your customers are happy with their purchase is to present your products in a transparent way. That means your product photos and videos should be as true to reality as possible. Also, don’t lie in your product description. Be honest about what the product is, the process behind your work, the materials you use, etc

There’s nothing more disappointing that receiving something completely different from what you have ordered.

And when we talk about transparency, we also consider shipping. On Etsy, the customer will see an approximate timeline with the order processing time and shipping duration. It’s ok if the package arrives a few days late. But if you lie about your shipping times, saying it takes 1-3 days, and the package arrives 1 month later, then you cannot expect to receive a glowing review.

Keep in mind that people turn to Etsy to shop for gifts for various occasions. Don’t lie to your customers and say their products will arrive at a certain date just to make a sale. That will only end up in disappointment for both of you.

2. Invest in safe packaging

If you sell physical items, make sure to invest in safe packaging above all else. Your products won’t be of use if they arrive damaged. In time, you can also think about investing in beautiful, environmentally-friendly, and personalized packaging for your Etsy store.

Packaging example
Think about your customers’ unboxing experience. Packaging can be very important. Photo by Tarah Dane on Unsplash 

3. Establish a line of communication with your customers

After placing an order on Etsy, the customer receives an order confirmation e-mail. In this e-mail, you can include a personalized note, with your message for the customer.

This is your chance to inform the customer about the contents of his package, the shipping duration, and about possible ways to contact you and stay in touch until the order arrives. Read more about how to add a message for your buyers on the dedicated Etsy Help page.

Now that we’ve established a transparent communication process with your customers, let’s look at 3 ways you can ask your customers for feedback!

3 Simple Ways to get Great Reviews on Etsy as a seller

1. Include a Thank you note for your customers

A Thank you note is a great personal touch you can add to your Etsy order to improve your customers’ unboxing experience. You can also use this note to raise some brand awareness, to invite the customers to follow you on social media, or to have a look at your website.

But if your top priority is to get more reviews on Etsy, use this note to ask your customers to leave you feedback.

The truth is, the easiest way to get more reviews as a seller on Etsy is to ask for them!

So make sure to use every opportunity you get.

2. Use the note in the order confirmation e-mail to mention reviews

As mentioned above, after placing an order on Etsy, the customer receives a confirmation e-mail. In this e-mail, you can include a personalized note, with your custom message for the buyer. Use this note to encourage the customer to leave a review!

Learn how to add a custom message for your buyers in the order confirmation e-mail on this Etsy Help page.

We know it’s early in the process. But the truth is, many people don’t read follow-up e-mails once they’ve already received their order. The confirmation e-mail received right after placing an order has a very high opening rate. So this is your chance to make contact with your Etsy customers.

3. Use follow-up messages to check in with customers

Once you know that your package has reached your customer (or a few days after your approximate shipping date, if you don’t use tracked shipping), it’s a good time to send a follow-up message.

Before asking your customers to leave a review for your shop, make sure to ask if everything was ok with the package. Also, tell them to contact you for any questions or further information. This way, if there is a problem with the order, your customers are more likely to contact you to get the issue sorted. Instead of leaving a negative feedback for your Etsy store.

That is why establishing a line of communication with your customer is so important.

For more useful tips and strategies, make sure to check out our Youtube video, where we cover this subject in depth:


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We hope you enjoyed our tips and strategies and that you will consider using some of them to get more reviews. If you have any other tips, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below, to help fellow Etsy sellers!

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