5 Simple Tips to Increase your Etsy Sales without Ads

5 Simple Tips to Increase your Etsy Sales without Ads

5 tips to increase your Etsy sales without ads

Do you feel like you need a little help with your Etsy sales and traffic? If your stats look a bit low these days, or if you’re a new Etsy seller, this article is perfect for you. Discover our 5 Simple Tips to Increase your Etsy sales for free, without running ads!

5 Simple Tips to Increase your Etsy Sales without Ads

Whether you’re at the start of your journey as an Etsy seller, or you’ve just hit a low in your stats, these tips can help you get a bit more traffic and hopefully some sales. Don’t give up on your Etsy store just yet! Try these 5 things if you haven’t already, and keep in mind, patience and perseverance are everything.

1. Improve your product titles and tags

Your product titles and tags are essential for you to get organic traffic on Etsy. We have written an article that covers this topic exactly. And it features a step-by-step guide on how to create SEO-optimized titles and tags:

If you haven’t optimized your Etsy product title and tags, we highly recommend reading this article!

2. Use Facebook groups to promote your products

Facebook groups are an easy, quick way to promote your Etsy products.

First of all, we invite you to join our Etsy Facebook groups and be part of the Etsy sellers community. You are also allowed to promote your products in these Facebook groups for free: Etsy Marketplace and Etsy sellers and buyers. Many sellers ask questions in these groups, or share their best practices. It’s a great way to learn from fellow Etsy sellers.

Secondly, we advise you to search for Facebook groups that focus on your specific type of product. Look at your niche and think about your target audiences. Where will you find these people? What Facebook groups do they use?

For example, if you’re selling handmade natural soap, you can search for Facebook groups where people talk about clean cosmetics, natural, eco-friendly products, baby-friendly products maybe.

3. Get creative with your product photography & videos

What’s the best way to get more traffic and shop visits? Attractive product photos! If your titles and tags are well optimized, your listings should be featured in Etsy searches with no problem. So all that’s left is an attractive product photo, to attract potential customers. You need to be better than your competition.

Experiment with seasonal photography and with different backgrounds to see what works best for your store. Check out our article to get some ideas for your product photography. Seasonal photos can get you some extra sales throughout the year!

4. Run a seasonal sale

Make the most of Etsy seasonal shopping! From New Years and Valentine’s Day to Christmas, there are so many celebrations throughout the year, all great occasions for some extra sales. The Etsy algorithm will push listings that are dedicated to specific holidays and celebrations. Check out our article to see the yearly calendar of celebrations you need to follow on Etsy:

So, are any of your products seasonal? If this is the case, maybe it’s time to run a seasonal sale! Check out the Etsy help page on How to Set Up Sales and Discounts for Your Shop, if you haven’t done this before.

5. Create social media pages for your Etsy business

If you don’t have social media pages for your Etsy business, you need to create some. It’s the best way to get extra traffic for your Etsy listings.

Our recommendation is to use the platforms you know best at first. You can start by creating a Facebook page and inviting your friends to like it. Maybe some of your friends will be your next customers. Then, you can create an Instagram account and start posting regularly on it. Maybe follow some people that are in your niche and engage with them.

Pinterest is a particularly exciting social media platform for Etsy sellers. And it’s also very well integrated with Etsy. If you don’t have a Pinterest account already, we strongly suggest creating one. Especially if you have beautiful product photography.

Youtube is a very good platform as well to get some free exposure and traffic. For example, if you sell handmade products, you can film some little tutorials about your craft. Maybe talk a bit about the materials you use, some simple techniques, etc. A little sneak peek behind the brand can’t hurt.

Try out these 5 tips to increase your Etsy sales and traffic without ads!

These are our 5 simple tips to increase your Etsy sales, no ad budget needed. Want to know more? Check out our Youtube video below, where we look at this subject in depth:


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